What is Hoverboard, What are Features?

Hoverboard, also known as electric skateboard, is a very practical tool that can be used in the city. “Hoverboard scooter” and “self-balancing scooter” “Also known as. A different alternative for sports and entertainment. It can be used on rough roads or in paved areas even though it is difficult to use on pavements.

However, the most ideal use is bicycle routes. Using it to go to work can be a luxury for many people. But there is the capacity to be an alternative means of transport to get rid of the traffic jam. It is a practical tool that is produced in dozens of brands and models. With the self-balancing feature, the user simply has to steer. It may be produced for those who do not want to walk or for a solution to the traffic jam. An ideal tool for both purposes.

Health and sports experts do not know what to think about this issue; but you have to spend energy to stand on it, or it may not be as healthy as walking with your feet!

History and Definition 

The first example of electric skateboarding was designed by China-based firm “Chic Intelligent Technologies” in 2014. It became popular in America in 2015. In America “IOHAWK” sold under the brand name “Smart C1” model was launched in United States. “Self-balancing personal vehicle” is defined as. The rechargeable pille is working. It works with a system that is combined with a platform and an internal balancing mechanism that the driver stands on. The wheels and sensors are also integrated. There is little risk of falling in this increasingly popular tool among young people! 


Hoverboards Internal Design

The hoverboard’s energy is supplied by a battery or a powerful electric motor. The battery can be charged with a normal home electricity network. It works with the principle of dynamic balance. Hoverboards provide balance with the help of gyroscopes. The “gyroscopes”, also known as “straighteners”, are a turning wheel or spinning wheel in which the axis of rotation itself is free to accept any direction. The direction of this axis is not affected by tilting or the direction of the bearing when rotating according to the angular speed protection. Slight forward tilting when using the tool at high speeds will stabilize the centrifugal force and work more efficiently. The hoverboard, which can stabilize itself thanks to the gyroscope, can make speeds of 20 to 40 kilometers per hour.

Some models of hoverboards with a range of 10 to 30 kilometers can make a 20-degree slope. It can be 1, 2 or 4 wheels. Their weights range from 10 to 15 kilograms. It can be controlled by a remote control. It is enough to lean or turn towards the direction you want to go.

The very frequently asked question that how fast can a hoverboard go? As we tested many models and found the fastest speed is 16 km/h.

There are also some sensors on the hoverboards. Thanks to intelligent sensors, it can adjust the speed independently of the driver on rugged surfaces. It offers a balanced driving in troughs or corridors. Sensors have the ability to scan over 200 at the moment. There are also speed sensors that can calculate the balance point. The internal processor can transfer the user’s movements to the engine system. On this count, we can say that it gives “predictable” driving. The battery can be charged within a few hours. It can carry loads between 100-140 pounds. It can also be used in rainy weather. Water is not affected by the deposits. Using the hoverboard is also very easy. It is possible to learn to focus on the minutes. Children can also use it because it is not high speed.

Hoverboard, flying skateboard?

The “flying skateboard”; that is, a treadmill without wheels, 2-3 centimeters in the air and moving. The skateboard type we are talking about is electric skateboard. Over time, these skateboards began to be called “hoverboard”. Although they have similarities in appearance, their working principles are completely different.

Flying skateboards were first mentioned in a book by British author Michael Kennedy Joseph in 1967. In 1985, the movie ‘Back to the Future 2’ came into the vision. The skateboard that appeared in the movie starring Michael J. Fox was not invented yet; but it was imagined. The flying skateboards we saw in science fiction movies were actually known as “hoverboard” as a prototype.

Although not exactly flying, at least he can stay in the air. Nowadays, serial production is offered to the curious. It has the ability to stay in the air for 2-3 centimeters. According to the model different types and number of engines can be found. Some models can stay in the air thanks to superconductors. The for this, a magnet needs to be cooled to -200 degrees Celsius. Liquefied hydrogen is used for cooling.

Anyone with the ability to use a regular skateboard can use it. It’s enough to know when to stop on balance. Of course there are a few special techniques. According to the directions of use, you can easily enjoy the skate flying. A major disadvantage of flying skateboards is the inability to use every field. Because it is a delicate and sensitive vehicle, it can be used on a special track. So if you plan to fly like science fiction movies or go skateboarding, this tool is not for you. At least for now; because there is a potential that flying skateboards can be an important promising means of transport. At the same time, a tool that is constantly being developed and experimented with new models. It is currently being used as a recreational vehicle on private tracks. For security reasons it is forbidden to use in streets, streets or airports in many countries.

Key Facts about Electric Skateboarding

  • Some models of Hoverborads are used in poor quality or below standard batteries are charged with the risk of explosion. Also, overheating of the electrical and electronic components can eventually catch fire.
  • In 2015, 17 thousand hoverboards were seized in the UK due to problems with electrical components and batteries.
  • In the UK, the use of hoverboards was limited to private property. The use of hoverboards in streets and pavements is forbidden.
  • Over the past decade, Amazon has offered to sell its hoverboard to its customers, sending their handheld devices to recycling centers and making a “go for the ride” announcement.
  • The first fatal accident with an electric skate lived in the United Arab Emirates on October 2015. A child aged 6 years on the hoverboard in the capital Abudabi lost a car’s end result.
  • The first burst of electric skateboard event in United States, took place in Ankara on December 2015 rate. The hoverboard that a father bought for his son as a birthday present, caused a fire by exploding while charging against the sabe. The landlady was injured in the fire in the fire.
  • The Japanese automotive and technology company, Honda, has developed a hoverboard that can move at 6 kilograms, 6 kilometers per hour, moving with robot technology.
  • There are also celebrities among the names hoverboard trending. Justin Bieber, Jamie Foxx, Kendall Jenner, Chris Brown, Soulja Boy and Wiz Khalifa are some of these names …
  • When using it for the first time, you may need an assistant to keep you in balance and not to fall.
  • The Hoverboard can be quickly moved over the ground via the calculation of the equilibrium point.
  • It does not require balance with arm or bending movements.
  • The hoverboard can be maneuvered backward when inclined.
  • A suitable floor for the hoverboard is needed. It is difficult or impossible to use in bad roads or on sidewalks.
  • Hoverboard prices vary from 150 $ to 3 thousand $ according to model and quality.

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