What Heart Conditions Require A Pacemaker Surgery?

The heart is the most important part of our body, which pumps blood into our whole body. Our heart beats only during the blood pumping. Many times it happens that the heartbeat becomes irregular due to any illness or problem. This problem is called Aridemia. If the heart does not move properly, then the person’s death can also happen. To fix this irregularity of thrombosis, a small device is sometimes applied, which is called pacemaker.

What is pacemaker

Pacemaker is a small tool. When the heart does not work properly and starts to fail, pacemaker is used to normalize the heartbeat. To recharge the pacemaker, the battery needs to be changed at a fixed time. It sends signals to the heart muscles, causing unnatural beats.

How much should be heartbeat

Pacemaker is helpful for those whose heart rate is low. Usually the heart rate of the human is between 60 to 100. If the person’s heart rate is low (especially less than 40 minutes per minute) then the person can dizziness and in front of his eyes can appear dark. Even he may have some degree of unconsciousness. If the heart rate is very low, then there can also be the death of human beings.

Where is the pacemaker positioned

Pacemaker is applied between the right or left collar bone and the fat tissue under the skin. The signals are transmitted to the heart muscles through veins, while the other end is connected to the pacemaker. Pacemaker is set by a special program and it can be controlled by the programmer. Usually the pacemaker works for 10 to 12 years. Dr. Vora of the Asian Heart Institute says that the pacemaker’s working time depends on pressure on the time it is done.

Some urgent caution after getting pacemaker

  • After using the pacemaker, always use the cellphone by putting it on the ear opposite the pacemaker.
  • Patients who have pacemakers should not have an MRI. This could cause the pacemaker’s circuit to get worse.
  • Pacemakers can easily apply ultrasound, echo-cardiogram, X-ray, CT scan etc.. They do not need to panic for this. You can also consult the doctors and can check the pacemaker surgery cost through the internet.
  • Some cancer patients have to undergo radiation therapy. If pacemaker falls within radiation, then it may worsen it.
  • Stay away from high tension wire. They should stay away from the big stars of electricity.
  • Patients imposing pacemakers should be informed about the safety officer leaving the metal detector.

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