Using Different Kinds of Handsaws

Cutting metal is unquestionably not restricted to specific apparatuses. These days numerous devices are accessible in the market to cut the metal. Tiles, drills, etches, clips, pass on and tank cutters are altogether used to reduce the metal somehow.


A handsaw is found in many structured. The handsaws utilized for carpentry are far unique about those used for metal cutting. Handsaws utilized for woodworking have delicate teeth while the handsaws used for metal cutting have progressively coarse and thick teeth.

Handsaws are found in various structures and are altogether utilized for cutting metal somehow. These are:

–     Hacksaws

–     Junior hacksaws

–     Sheetsaw

–     Padsaw

Each sort contains a dispensable cutting edge as sharp edge becomes obtuse after continuous employment.


Hacksaws are ordinarily used to cut metals. It has a casing holding a cutting edge under strain. To keep the different length sharp edges, these casings are generally flexible. Sharp edges of the hacksaw, for the most part, goes from 250mm to 300mm and is situated by calculated pegs on the two closures of the border. The edge contains the wing nut and strung agent too, which are utilized to give pressure. The cutting edge is usually collected at the right point to its official position yet this isn’t the situation with every one of the high quality Hacksaws.

Hacksaw is generally used to cut the straight pipes, areas or bars and isn’t helpful for expansive metal sheets. This is so because the casing of hacksaw does not enable it to cut the metal which is more than 100mm wide. Hacksaw needs 100mm to 125mm space over the workpiece to saw the piece, and once you have chopped down to 100mm, the casing will stop you to saw further. These are some constraint of the hacksaw outline.

The sharp edges ought to be fixed in the casing so that the teeth pointing far from you. Additionally, it is smarter to cut the metal from the flat side, to keep the outside of the metal fit as a fiddle. When the cutting is done, you can smooth the edges with documents.

It is ideal for fixing the metal in a bad habit with the cutting line before you. You have to watch out for that line while cutting the metal with the goal that you will cut in a straight line. Ensure that you apply weight on forwarding stroke just, never put any pressure while backstroking. Utilize long smooth forward stroke to cut the metal.

Junior hacksaw

Junior hacksaw as the name recommend is little in size than the ordinary hacksaw. A 150mm long sharp edge is generally fixed at a set pressure to the side. Be that as it may, there are junior hacksaws with soft edges. The advantages of junior hacksaw regularly have the property to wrinkle and dull rapidly in the meantime. In this way, they are valuable for kept spots and intricate work as well.


Padsaw as the name recommend it has a cushioned handle secured with a clip more than one end of the sharp edge. This cushion helps to hold the sharp edge legitimately and furthermore protect your hand from coarse teeth of the cutting edge. It has a sharp edge pointing towards you and in this way cut the metal on the draw stroke. Like junior hacksaw, padsaw is likewise valuable for limited spots.


Sheetsaw is uncommonly intended to cut expansive sheets of metal. Sheetsaw has a lot thinner sharp edge than the hacksaw and is generally mounted at the base edge. Sheetsaw is utilized for slicing the layers to any profundity. In any case, it has its attributes, yet it is of no correlation with a hacksaw.

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