Understanding the map everything on my mobile

Understanding geolocation: how does it work?

Being in space thanks to your mobile phone is possible. And it’s the perfect way to get lost in the streets of the city. Plan a GPS route from your smartphone: revolutionary? No, just practical.

The geolocation from his smartphone allows to have a mapping of the surroundings on his mobile screen. It will be more or less accurate depending on the saved settings.

By activating the “GPS” setting on his mobile phone

This is the system that will enable the best geolocation in motion. Using the same principles as a GPS in a car, the phone is positioned relative to satellite guidance.

By activating the Wi-Fi

Always in the settings of the phone, it is possible to choose to activate or not the Wi-Fi. Once active, it allows to precisely define its position. But the system has a limit: the movement. While walking, the geolocation will remain rather precise. On the other hand, by car, it is too fast so that the smartphone can find its exact position.

With the triangulation of the phone

Without activating the GPS or Wi-Fi settings of the phone, it is still possible to find its position on a map. The smartphone defines its position with respect to telephone antennas. But it is extended to an entire area.

To have the best geolocation on your phone, the most reliable solution remains the activation of the GPS function. But the phone needs to be equipped with it. It is also necessary to provide a 3G or 4G connection, which allows the exchange of data. Just like a good battery life. GPS, like Wi-Fi, are big consumers of battery.

The SFR GPS solution: mobile and easy wager

For SFR subscribers, the SFR GPS is offered directly on the smartphone. Otherwise, it is possible to download it easily.

Once the application launched, SFR GPS proposes to locate more easily by activating the GPS. The parameters are directly accessible. Good to know: the application is free, but you must have a 3G connection. Only a few options are paying.

Overview of the possibilities of the SFR GPS:

Plan your route. On foot or by car, just enter the desired address. It is then possible to choose a route in the form of map or list.

Save your favorites. Favorite destinations can be saved. And, good news, the latest destinations chosen are also offered directly.

Find his points of interest. Looking for a cash machine or a bakery? Millions of points of interest are registered. With the La Couchette option, the nearest restaurants are marked with a practical sheet.

Uncover shopping tips. With Sentinel, SFR GPS finds the best shopping deals and promotions around you.

Drive quietly with the traffic info. SFR GPS also includes a “quiet road” option. It offers traffic info in real time. And a “dangerous areas” alert service with Waking.

There must be a 3G connection, which allows the exchange of data.

The GPS and Wi-Fi settings are greedy battery: provide good autonomy for a long journey.

The application [SFR GPS] is directly offered on the smartphone subscribers SFR.

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