The significance of Oxygen for Cancer & Its Various Curing Measures

The life of a cancer patient is full of precautions, therapies, pain & fear. With these all negativities, he/she lose the remaining hope of survival and finally give up. Currently, there is not a specific cure for cancer from all stages and types. Cancer is basically an abnormal growth of tissues. These tissues form when the DNA structure of cells changes due to the absence of oxygen. Therefore, oxygen therapy for cancer can help in recovering a patient from a miserable condition. Carbon dioxide turns the cells into a tumor that gradually infest allover the body. Cancer may occur in any part of the body expected heart. Generally, physicians combine multiple measures of cancer treatment together to recover the patient. However, it works only at the initial or mid stages. On the basis of cell types, cancer is classified in 4 categories i.e:-

  1. Carcinoma
  2. Sarcoma
  3. Leukemia
  4. Lymphoma

Major reasons for causing cancer

  1. Radiation exposure
  2. Smoking habit
  3. UV rays exposure
  4. Certain viral infections
  5. Exposure to carcinogens chemicals
  6. Unhealthy lifestyle

All these factors cause cancer by blocking the adequate supply of oxygen to all parts of the body. If the body of a cancer patient is exposed to an abundant amount of pure oxygen, cancer cells will automatically start dying. Currently, Chemotherapy and Radiation are the 2 major ways of cancer treatment. They are effective to an extent but comprises a lot of side effects. On the other hand, oxygen therapies truly natural.

Types of oxygen therapies for cancer treatment

Currently, oxygen is helping in cancer treatment through the following treatments:-

  • Hyperbaric treatment

The hyperbaric chambers are currently popular worldwide because of their multiple benefits to human body. It is a kind of glass cylinder where the human body is exposed to 100% oxygen and more pressure than current atmospheric conditions. Generally, the atmosphere where we breath contains only 21% of oxygen. Excessive oxygen and pressure level kills cancer cells and also detoxify the patient’s body. Apart from oxygen cancer healing, it is also helpful in fast recovery from physical injuries.

  • Photodynamic therapy

The photodynamic therapy aka PDT works with the help of photosynthesizer chemical and light. When a certain wavelength of light is emitted on photosynthesizer, it emits oxygen that kills cancer cells. The cancer treatment specialists apply this chemical to the affected area and expose the patient to a certain wavelength. Some clinics also use this oxygen cancer healing therapy for acne treatment.

  • Hydrogen peroxide therapy

Hydrogen peroxide is one of the commonly available substances in the household. This liquid contains 3 to 5% of hydrogen gas that acts as stains remover or antiseptic. It contains a major portion of oxygen that can help in healing cancer rapidly. For killing the cancer cells, the concentration level must be between 30 to 35%. Scientists are currently working on this concept & soon positive outcomes will appear.

The oxygen therapy for cancer is much better than exposing the patient to harmful radiation. Scientists are harnessing it to obtain maximum productivity with minimum side effects.

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