QSOCS VLSI is Training Institute and one of the best VLSI coaching centers in Bangalore focused on imparting business sloping training to the graduates searching for opportunities in VLSI Industry. It is set up by industry veterans with experience of functioning in different domains across the industry.

Our aim is to make the highest eminence VLSI Training affordable to all categories of students. Our VLSI Training in Bangalore focuses on preparing fresh graduate commerce ready in four to six months by offering industry sloping VLSI Training at an affordable fee.

Our commitment is to train our students with hands-on experience with the help of experts in most of the industry standard protocols makes us the most preferred destination for those seeking quality training in VLSI. VLSI Bangalore is famous for VLSI training. QSOCS VLSI is a single Training center based out of Bangalore, providing advanced VLSI Design and Verification courses for college graduates and practiced engineers. It focused on imparting industry oriented training to the former students looking for opportunities in VLSI Industry. It is founded by industry veterans with experience of working in diverse fields across chip intend industry.

QSOCS provides training such as VLSI front end, VLSI back end, embedded system, and Scripting. Apart from sharing our stiff earned experience in this field, we are fanatical to provide our students multiple meetings from industry connoisseurs, tactic specialists, design bananas and soft skill developers during all the specialized courses we offer. A good job and an attractive remuneration are each and everyone’s aspiration. Happily, the semiconductor industry is well- known for both. But you need to sharpen your skills and be expertise your interest to get into this business. For us, this initiative is well beyond business. It is more of a development of creating a talented, capable and equipped workforce, who can take this semiconductor business further.

If you have ever desired for a career in VLSI, just come and join us. QSOCS will work in close relationship to make you specialists in this field.  Knowledge of high rate bus protocols is a major criteria for one to jump found in your career. We provide conjecture course and guidance to apply projects on multiple difficult protocols. This also ensures that our students have a stronger edge over others and help them to readily tackle the job hurdles. An extended internship program is added on for the victorious pass- outs from each batch to enrich their knowledge with taxing assignments. We take some of the top-notch performers into our position program with interesting erudition benefits.

Before a come across with the bloodthirsty semiconductor industry, students should be sensitized with real facts and builds. Here in QSOCS most of the course filling are tutored by industry experts to make our students competitive in this ever hard VLSI industry. By the by we make sure that, our students get a probability to learn concepts & techniques which are not in any text-books or in any other like courses.

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