Daycare Services For Patients In Medanta Hospital Indore

About Medanta Hospital Indore:

Medanta a Multi-specialty Hospital based in Indore offers the highest quality of medical services. It was established in 2015 and it is located in Vijaynagar Square. The 150-bedded facility is an extension of Gurugram’s main hospital and is known for providing the highest end emergency and trauma care. Each floor is devoted to ensuring that they work as autonomous within healthcare and there is still the luxuries of collaborating on complex cases. The most suitable ones have come through a cross-function, cross-specialization committee such as the tumour board, which decide the best course of action. Medanta Hospital is home to some of the most prestigious doctors in the world, many of whom are not only highly decorated, but also leading in their respective fields.

Medanta Daycare services:

Medanta Hospital Indore is one of the best hospitals in Madhya Pradesh and It offers perfect patient care. For many minor actions or treatments, patients can avoid overnight. In Medanta, we provide daycare services for all types of chemotherapy, surgeries, preventive health programs, endoscopy and even different types of outpatient antibiotic therapy. Medanta dedicated Surgical Daycare suite allows quick and efficient single point entry, treatment and discharge to patients. Our attention is to help bring the patients back in their daily lives within a few hours. We obtain it by providing treatment procedures which are quick, efficient and the patient does not need to be admitted to the hospital. Our Daycare Centers are designed to help you fast and the best possible health at home.


Daycare Surgery is for those patients who need surgical procedure without having to enter the hospital overnight. Depending on the procedure, some patients will need to stay overnight and some patients want to return home on the same day.


Medanta state-of-the-art Chemotherapy Daycare is giving a relaxing and comfortable environment to experience chemotherapy treatment. Our round the clock oncologist and trained nurses are varts happy to give an answer for all the questions of patients related to side-effects and after chemotherapy.

Outpatient Dialysis

The Dialysis Center in Medanta offers real-time, online monitoring and dialysis services that provide comfortable, home-like facilities to all patients. In addition to the Nephrologist on the site, our staff includes registered nurses, certified chronic hemodialysis technicians, and kidney dieticians. The unit’s unique design optimizes the staff’s ability to see patients while preserving the peace and secrecy of patients.


Endoscopy daycare in Medanta examines the stomach and digestive system for outpatient. GI endoscopy is used to identify the different conditions of ulcers, Precancer abnormalities and GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease)

Patient Support Services

When you are in the Medanta hospital, their tailored services are designed to take care of your basic tasks and tasks. They understand that recruitment in the hospital can be a stressful experience, not only for the patient but also for family and friends. In Medanta we focus on small things that can help your hospital make a bit easier. Medanta has listed various service providers to help organize a range of support services for the convenience of patients, carers, and visitors.

Medanta Will Also help you with accommodation & travel :

Patient, family and visitor can find comfortable and secure accommodation in the vicinity of the hospital. There is accommodation available from low budget guesthouses to luxury hotels. Our patient support service team can help you with reservations and discount or preferential rates. The Medanta Travel service Desk will help you to book booking and tickets for domestic and international flights, book tickets for bus tickets and railway tickets and facility immediate ‘railway ticket confirmation. Patients and visitors can also book a taxi book at the tour desk.

The benefit of the tour package can be taken including religious or sightseeing packages, which are managed by experienced travel professionals with the option of customized packages according to specific needs and demands.

Medanta Serve you a variety of healthy food

Meditation provides a wide range of dietary offerings for their patients. They are always concerned about the diet of each patient; Take in prescription, allergic, nutritional requirements, as well as in personal preferences. Medanta also provides Specialized international patients diets. Medanta’s Department of Diet Sciences has partnered with the Food and Beverage Department to start The teaching Kitchen is a culinary program where specialist dieticians help carers with tips to lead a healthy lifestyle, and the chef showcases easy cooking techniques to make delicious healthy and happy food.

Medanta Hospital Provides Casual daycare facilities for medical procedures that do not require overnight admission. You can check Medanta Hospital Indore doctors list and their experience here. Or you can Visit Credihealth website. Credihealth is an online medical assistance company provides information regarding Hospitals and their Doctors. various types of medical diseases and their solutions treatment and implications. Through Credihealth you can easily book your appointment according to your schedule also, you can check appointment fee, OPD timing and get discount.

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