As a graphics designer, a person must attain up to date skills to stay ahead in the competition. Trends randomly change in the industry, thus, the demands also keep on changing from minimalistic to 3D and vice versa. One thing that will always save your time and enhance creativity is a good quality font. Fonts are playing a big role in graphics designing whether it is vector or raster. One can find countless Lavanderia sturdy font free options while searching for something for the purpose of typography which is very confusing. Keep one thing in mind that all attractive fonts are not meant for a professional purpose. You need to identify their potency as per the current requirement. Here are some tips that will help in finding th right font for a particular project.

How to Make Use of the Right Font at Right Place

1. Maintain a visual hierarchy

While doing typography, you need to change the sizes of fonts to represent different words according to their importance. Here must be a visual hierarchy in a rhythm that can differentiate the meanings of words clearly. Find a fonts package that has more than 2 or 3 variants matching a similar style. Using Lavanderia sturdy free fonts in a proper hierarchy can improve your graphics quality to a better level. Before typing, divide the entire text into different parts including title, heading, sub beading and body. If it is an artistic work with a pictorial representation of words, try to use a single font by changing its sizes.

2. Mobile friendly appearance

Currently, most of the internet users are surfing it through Smartphones. Therefore, your typography must be according to the mobile interface. The screen sizes of smartphones vary from each other & much smaller than the big display of PC or laptop that you are using for designing. After creating your design prototype, check its compatibility in smartphone resolution. There are some online tools for testing an interface according to different smartphone’s resolutions. The text must be in a balanced size because too small font will be difficult to read whereas too large text cannot be covered in a small screen.

3. Adequate spacing

After you download a Lavanderia sturdy font & implementing, also examine its proper spacing. Adequate white spacing is essential from the perspective of the reader. Again, you need to consider the factor of mobile interfaces. Keep it clear in your mind that the text also needs to breathe. Overcrowding will ruin its purpose because readers feel difficulty in reading the text.

4. Artistic revision

While preparing a graphic representation with typography, work scientifically by considering all aspects of size and style with precision. However, the final output requires an artistic perspective to review. While revising, focus on the edges, spacing, length and other factors that can improve the impression of handwritten typography fonts.

These 4 golden tips will surely help you in utilizing the fonts for a professional project more effectively.

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