Know About Gestational Diabetes Its Effects on Pregnancy

During pregnancy, there is no sugar or a very little amount of sugar present in the urine.  If the amount of glucose in the blood is high it may be passed in the urine and called urine sugar. This is often termed as gestational diabetes which is observed during pregnancy only. In some cases, the pregnancy hormone restricts the functionality of insulin and increase the level of blood.

In pregnancy, some infections are also responsible for urine sugar. Urine and blood of a pregnant woman should be regularly checked between 24 to 28 weeks of pregnancy when the risk of gestational diabetes is higher.  The high sugar level caused by the pregnancy hormones generally becomes normal after the delivery. Therefore urine test is very important during pregnancy which regularly screens whether you are having gestational diabetes or not.

The level of glucose in urine during pregnancy can be 1+, 2 + or 3+ which depends on the concentration of glucose in urine. 2+ sugar in urine when pregnant indicate an alarming situation and the 3+ sugar in the urine is dangerous for the health of the mother and the baby because it indicates the kidney dysfunction of the mother.

Factors responsible for gestational diabetes

The Factors which is responsible for gestational diabetes are discussed below.

  • Overweight: If you are overweight and your BMI is over 30 then you are very much prone to gestational diabetes as the excess fat in your body will prevent the ability of insulin to convert sugar into energy.
  • Overage: The Women who are over 35 years and have abdominal fat are more prone to gestational diabetes.
  • Family history: Most of the Asian, African American and Hispanic women are prone to gestational diabetes because of genetic reasons.  If you have diabetic patients in your family then you are more prone to gestational diabetes during your pregnancy.
  • Personal history: if you are already diabetic and if you had gestational diabetes in your previous pregnancy then there are chances that you will develop gestational diabetes whenever you become pregnant.

Dangers of having gestational diabetes during pregnancy

The excessive sugar in the Mother’s body if left untreated enters the fetus’s body through the placenta and can be harmful to its health.  The uncontrolled gestational diabetes is the reason for the birth of a large baby where the normal delivery process is very painful and prolonged. Stillbirth is another grievous situation arising out of gestational diabetes. The glucose positive
mother also becomes very much prone to type 2diabetes after the delivery if the fat in their body refuses to go.

Preventive measures

If you are prone to gestational diabetes during your pregnancy and you are overweight then don’t take chances.  Follow an active lifestyle with less sugar in your food.  It is always recommended that do exercises in your pregnancy according to the instructions of a fitness trainer.  Don’t lie on the bed for most of the time but do the normal activities to remain active. Diet is very important for the mother and the child, therefore, develop the habit of consuming a balanced diet which is mainly comprised of fruits and vegetables and healthy proteins.  The fat intake must be regulated and low-fat high fiber diet is very good for the pregnant women who are prone to gestational diabetes.

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