How To Nail The Content Game In An Online Marketing Company

To provide meaningful and informative content should be a priority for any online marketing agency but sadly, they all go after the best SEO and not after the best content. Yes, there’s a difference and the line fades way slower than anyone expects it to be.

To classify ‘content’ and ‘SEO content’ as per the vision of an online marketing agency, the content doesn’t get enough rankings and the ranked content doesn’t provide the information it was meant to deliver. This panics a lot of firms as their experience hasn’t covered this aspect but now they are in this puddle of dilemma.

Your content in your blog or website must be informative and well organized; if it isn’t then you might suffer from a higher bounce rate and lower rankings. Both of them are nightmares for an online marketing agency. So, what are steps to make sure your content is class-apart and important to your user or client?

Well, some of them are listed below: –

1. Do the homework

This is the most crucial and neglected part. The stuff you write about doesn’t come in your dreams and give you all the data that you require; you read it from a source and then reframe it in your own words.

Make sure you have double-checked your data from multiple sources and are sure that the information and the stats (if any) in the source information are correct and unadulterated.

This provides useful and handy information to your client and users and starts a reputation about your site or portal. The word of mouth spreads faster than you’d imagine and that’s not even the best part of a great content. 

2. Plagiarism should be none of your business

If you have ever done anything remotely related to content or marketing, you know how ugly Plagiarism cases can get. The best way out of is to not practice it in the first place. The originality of your content defines your future and your company’s. 

A Plagiarism Lawsuit can drag you from heaven to ground in no time. Plus, no amount of SEO can lift your ranking above if your content is copied or as writers like to call it “Inspired”. Just to be safe, never encourage Plagiarism and always keep an eye out for people trying to steal your content as well.

3. Let’s never make it boring

The problem about some sites is that they bring you fresh content but bore you to death with it as well. That’s obviously not even the minor goal of a piece of content. If your content is entertaining yet informative, you will get amazing following and the best response/feedback ever, but if it is only informative then you may not enjoy the brilliance of having readers drooling over your writing. To make sure your content is not boring and dull, add witty lines that take a jab at the topic. This keeps your user entertained and asking for more, they will search for a pun in your content and when they find it, they are likely to remember it as well.

4. Add pictures

Now, suppose you are reading a book. It is well groomed and very detailed, but it lacks that special something that is bound to keep you attracted to it. The possibility is that special something is pictures or illustrations.

That’s the thing about pictures; they keep you in a web of content. Images don’t let your drift in and out of the written content. As a bonus, if your images show stats about the topic mentioned in your content, it leaves very little to imagine for your reader; which is a major plus point when it comes to SEO as well. The tags on your images build firm bedrock for your SEO and the rankings shoot up when a well-knitted blog is served warm with illustrations or related images.

5. Always be sure of the technicalities

The final step is always the most ignored, and that’s when it makes all the difference. Check your content on the scale of norms on internet itself. Check if there’s even a hint of plagiarism on your content, if there’s any, improve it. Make sure your paragraphs don’t exceed 150 words and sentences don’t exceed 20 words. The active/passive voices in your content are also crucial and in most cases is the backbone of your content. Although you might think that all of your content is crafted by yourself and there can be no mistake, but again, it doesn’t hurt to double check.

Bringing it all to the end and concluding it, make sure you make your content and its quality a priority and not just the rankings. In content, it is exactly how that saying goes, “It is nice to be important, but it is more important to be nice”.

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