How Mommy Makeover Plastic Surgery is Transforming the Lives of New Mothers

During the pregnancy period, mothers go through several phases of physical & emotional changes because of the hormonal fluctuation. However, everything becomes normal after delivering the baby expected one thing which is physical appearance. You may have an hourglass body before pregnancy, but it naturally transforms when you have to deliver a baby. Some ladies faces less impact whereas some completely lose their identity. Some of the most common transformations after delivery are mentioned below in detail:-


Mommy Makeover plastic surgery

  1. Change in Breast Size: When the mother releases her first milk called colostrum, it is thick, creamy and enriched with antibodies. Due to its thickness, you will notice soreness that reduces the size. Also, breastfeeding is a major reason why their size changes. Generally, it becomes normal in just a few weeks but sometimes you need the help of physicians.
  2. Vaginal Structure Change: It is obvious that the vaginal structure will change after giving birth to a child because of the stretch on the pelvic floor during the pregnancy. The vaginal muscles stretch out and cause issues during sex drive. If the body is not coming back to its original shape, some cosmetic surgeries can help.
  3. Increase or Decrease in Body Weight: Due to the hormonal change during the pregnancy period, the body gains weight. It is due to the extra storage of water that releases after giving birth to a child. However, the soreness in the body remains permanent that results in an unattractive figure.
  4. Abdomen Skin Pattern Change: Due to the expansion and contraction of the mother’s uterus, stretch marks become apparent in the abdomen area. In many cases, the ugly dark lines remain permanent. Consequently, you cannot wear glamorous dresses that are waiting in the closet.

These are physical appearance changes. However, ladies also suffer from issues like back pain, bleeding, depression, bowel problem & sex drive issues. This article is all about guiding you with the advanced measures of reshaping physical appearance so that ladies can regain their confidence.

The Mommy Makeover Plastic Surgery for a Complete transformation

Plastic surgeries are not only meant for reshaping the facial expressions but also can help in transforming the entire figure. Scroll down to know how:-

  1. Restore the Stretches of Breasts: Breasts generally lose their shape due to the thick lactic substance and regular feeding. Ladies cannot wear their deep neck dresses with such kind of shape. The mommy makeover plastic surgery turns youthful bounce back to your life. Plastic surgeons have breast lifting solutions for restoring them to a proper height. Even if you want reduction or enlargement, they have safe techniques to reshape.
  2. Reduces Fat From The Entire Body: Unsaturated fat cells on waste line, thighs, arms r any part of the body gives you an ugly look. Some products claim to the effective fat busters but most of them are a myth. The most effective and quickest method of reducing fat is liposuction. It is an invasive process to extract the fat from the body through a suction needle. The process might be a little bit painful but results are assured. Even some physicians also implement non-invasive measures such as plasma, laser & intense pulse light.
  3. Turn The Vaginal Structure into Normal: After delivering a baby, mommy makeover for the vaginal area is essential if it is not coming back to its actual shape. Both surgical and non-surgical methods are present at skin treatment clinics for its tightening. Either they enhance natural collagen in the vaginal area or do plastic surgery to reshape entirely. It regains the same pleasure between couples.

Above are the physical benefits, let’s discuss the emotional advantages with this surgery:-

  1. Regain The Sex Drive Experience: Generally, it is seen that most of the couples lose interest in intercourse after delivery. It happens due to physical transformation. Loose pelvic muscles of the vaginal area and loose breasts are the major reasons behind this issue. The surgery of a mommy makeover is an innovative way to regain sex drive pleasure.
  2. Restore The Confidence of Public Appearance: Ladies lose their confidence to appear publically because of the distorted structure. Even they disappear in big party events. This surgery helps to regain lost confidence.
  3. Take Out From Depression: Depression is the biggest issue among couples because of the unusual sex drive and appearance. It badly affects the relationship of a couple. Restoration of figure back to normal shape helps in taking you out of the depressed life.
  4. No Embarrassment In Front of the Partner: During the very private moments of intercourse, ladies feel embarrassment because of the change in physical structure. Stretch marks on abdomen and fat on various parts of the body are two main reasons. After reshaping with the mommy makeover plastic surgery, they feel confident and rejuvenated.

From the above article, it is clear that the mommy makeover plastic surgery after delivering a baby is beneficial physically as well as mentally too. If you are facing any kind of issue, search for a skin treatment clinic in the nearby location that provides such kinds of service.

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