Home Remedies to Avoid Heart Attack

With changing lifestyle, everyone in today’s time suffers from some type of illness. Due to wrong eating habits, people are at increased risk of heart diseases, due to which the risk of heart attack is increasing from elders to young people. Some people do not know the symptoms of heart attack and remedies. If its symptoms and measures to avoid the danger of heart attack, its risk is greatly reduced. Apart from this, you can also avoid the risk of heart diseases and heart attacks through a healthy diet and exercise. We will show you some symptoms of heart attack, causes, and avoidance, which can reduce the risk by 80 percent.


Risk of heart attack increases in winter

According to research by the cardiologist in Jaipur, the risk of heart attack increases along with minor problems in the winter. Symptoms of heart attack remain the same, but there is a greater risk in winter. Winter winters due to air, shortness of breath and eating habits also decrease, which can lead to heart attack.


Symptoms of Heart Attack:

In the beginning, acute aches and pains in the ankle, fingers and neck pain, and the pain in the back. Diabetes patients sometimes do not show this symptom. In such patients, there is no symptom or pain that has a Silent Heart Attack.


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Home Remedies to Avoid Heart Attack:


  1. Gourd Juice

Daily consumption of gourd or juice can protect you from the risk of heart attack. Apart from this raw food is also beneficial for heart diseases.


  1. People leaves

Boil the peepal 10-12 leaves and boil them in water. Drinking it for at least 15 days ends the problem of heart blockage and reducing the risk of heart attack.


  1. Germinated wheat

To germinate the wheat with 10 minutes of water, let it be 1 inch long by binding it in a cloth. Its consumption daily reduces the risk of heart attack.


  1. Carrots

Consumption of raw carrots or its juice is very beneficial for the heart. By drinking carrot juice daily and adding green vegetables in the diet, you can avoid it.


  1. Arjuna bark

Dry Arul’s bark and make powder of it. By drinking this cup of tea daily by drinking it, you keep away from the danger of heart attack.


  1. Ginger juice

Heat 1 cup ginger juice, lemon juice, garlic, and apple cider vinegar. When it cools, mix honey in it. Drinking 3 teaspoons of empty stomach daily ends the problem of heart blockage.


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