Home Remedies for Irregular Heartbeats

The main function of the heart is to bring blood to every part of the body. Whether you are sick, relaxed, running fast or doing any work, blood with every heartbeat of your heart keeps on reaching the upper artery. It keeps nutrients and oxygen reaching the body parts. According to your requirement, every organ needs more or less blood. When you need more than 10 times more oxygen on hard work, then your heart immediately gives the right amount of oxygen to your heart beat faster. Despite your small size and lightweight, you will be surprised to know how much more work this heart has to do. The heart beats 72 times in a minute. In this way, in a year, the heart throws a heart of 220 million times at an average of 30 million and 70 lakh times 60 years. Sometimes, due to various reasons when pressure on the heart increases, then there is an irregular heartbeat problem. In the normal state, the heart beats at its own pace, but this throbbing is increased to double or quadruple during high fever, more heat, fear, happiness, exercise, race, mental stress, anger, etc. Likewise, low BP, weakness, and fasting decrease heartbeat.

Similarly, there are many other causes of irregular heartbeat, which we will further explain. So let’s know the main reason for an irregular heartbeat and its home remedies, but according to our cardiologist in Jaipur, these prescriptions are for those people who do not have any cardiac disease. If you are suffering from heart disease or diabetes, then the heartbeat becomes irregular then consult your cardiologist only and start treatment.

Reasons for an irregular heartbeat :

  • There may be several reasons for irregular heartbeats. Those who do not pay full attention to their health, eat more or eat in small quantities, those who eat more nutritious food when they do not do physical work or work harder than physical ability, their heart rate increases. is.
  • In today’s famed life, irregular food in food, more food in the food, including chili-spices and acidic juices, increased ghee, consumption of butter made of butter, and heartbeat also increases with the formation of heart diseases. Many heart diseases also cause an irregular heartbeat.
  • The causes of irregular heartbeat include – mental stress, anxiety, smoking alcohol consumption, excessive consumption of tea coffee, restful life, overweight, etc.
  • Even when suffering from infectious diseases, irregular heartbeats can occur. Anemia can also be due to an increase in heartbeat.
  • The feeling of heartbeat becomes abnormal due to very strong heat, in fact, the human body usually maintains a temperature of about 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. Due to a slight increase in temperature, sweating and dilating blood vessels (blood vessels) tries to keep the body cool, but when sweating cannot cool the body and heartbeat due to the increased blood vessel size Faster, there is an irregular heartbeat problem.

Irregular Heart Beat Treatment :

  • By grinding 10 grams of pomegranate juice of pomegranate into 100 grams of water, filtering that water regularly and drinking it twice a day regularly has a lot of benefit in irregular heartbeat.
  • Drinking pomegranate juice of 100 gm in the morning and evening gives a lot of benefits if there is a problem of pulsation.
  • Drink 200 grams of carrot juice every day to remove the weakness of the heart, which protects the heart from irregular heartbeats.
  • Mix 3 grams of Misari powder in 3 grams of coriander and take it with fresh water to get relief in irregular heartbeat problem.
  • The formation of mulberry sorbet is normal and heartbeat is normal.
  • Grind 10 gm of soft greens in the banyan and mix it with 150 grams of water, by mixing a small amount of mixture mixed with it twice a day, irregular heartbeat is normal.
  • Take 30 grams of falsa, powder of five grams of black pepper and mixing rock salt according to the taste, it consumes fast pulsation.
  • Due to morning and evening drink of false syrup in the summer, it is possible to get rid of pulsation and heat.
  • Mixing Amla, Bahera, Harda and dry Brahmi with 20-20 grams, mix 5 grams of black pepper and grind 50 grams of Misery powder by baking powder. 5 grams of this powder in the morning, 5 grams of powdered milk in the evening, consuming with cow’s milk or water will remove the weakness of the heart and irregular heartbeat is normal.
  • Mixing lemon juice with 15 grams of water, it is very beneficial to drink heartburn and sharp beatings. Drink lemon juice and drink it also benefits.
  • If the heart is very high beating, then mix equal sugar candy in the rose powder. Consume this powder in one spoon of cow’s milk, or by mixing an equal amount of sugar in the powder of roses and coriander powder, take 2-2 teaspoons of cow milk twice a day.
  • Put the dough (if it is fresh then take a little bit of it, so that it can be cut into pieces and then dry in the shade) and mix equal amount of sugar in it and keep it in a clean dry mouth bottle. Take a small amount of spoonful of this powder on a daily basis and keep on taking it with fresh water before sleeping at night. By this simple experiment, irregular heartbeat is normal and the heart gets strength and high blood pressure also brings great benefits.

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