Google Ads Update Allows Advertisers To View Mobile Speed Score Of Landing Pages

Google is known to keep its Ad platform up and running at all times. It’s always been the first priority of Google that its advertisers get the most out of their ad spend. To make things easy for advertisers, the search giant keeps releasing Google Ads algorithm updates from time to time. And it brings new changes, features, and enhancements with each new update. A similar update has arrived lately for Google’s highly acclaimed ad platform called AdWords. With this update, Google has made some significant changes to its mobile speed score algorithm which reduces the number of ad clicks needed to generate a result.

With this new update, the advertisers can now see and monitor the loading speed of various landing pages on mobile devices. Owing to this speed score update, the advertising console (AdWords) allows advertisers to view the mobile speed score of a landing page by reducing the ad clicks that were previously needed.

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