Gold Movie Review

It is true that in the 1948 Olympics in London, Independent India won its first gold medal in hockey, but it is imagination that a Bengali Babu Tapan (Akshay Kumar) had dreamed and contributed significantly in team building

Rima Kagti directed film ‘Gold’ depicts half truth and half-deceit. Rajesh Devraj and Rima have written together a story in which there is play, country is love, and it is the stubbornness to fulfill your dream. These types of movies are making a lot of noise right now and may include these things

An attempt has been made to create a hit film.

The film starts with the 1936 Berlin Olympics when the British India hockey team was in the final and it was from Germany’s team. In the presence of dictator Hitler, the British India team wins the match 8-1. Tapan remains attached to this team as a manager. Indian players, including him, are sad when after their victory the Union Jack goes up and the national anthem of Britain plays. Then Tapan dreams that one day the tricolor will go up and listen to ‘Jana Gana Mana’. His dream is completed in the London Olympics in 1948. His 12-year struggle has been shown in the film, how he makes a hockey team and faces all the difficulties. Gold movie review The story of the film is a little weak. This reduces the importance of the gold medal in 1936. Well at that time our country was a slave and the team was called British India, but most of the players playing in it were Indians and they gave the team a Gold Medal. The 1948 gold medal became special because it was India’s first gold medal, but it did not fade away the 1936 victory. The second reduction seems to be that the dreamer who is the lead character of the film, without a coach or a player, is a managerial person, who drinks alcohol and dreams. His contribution has not been given much depth by the authors, which reduces the effect of the film. He pays the mortgages of his wife Monobina (Mauni Roy), raises the players’ expenses and collects them, but does not contribute to the game. His dream has been repeatedly emphasized in the film that it was a huge dream which was completed. This ‘try’ often shines while watching the movie. The difficulties that have been raised in front of Tapan also seem to be fake. Just like there is an incident between Tapan-Wadia and Mehta on the lack of funds, it only increases the film’s length. The less attention to these basic deficiencies of the story goes to the fact that there is a lot of entertainment in the film. The characters of Pratap Singh (Amit Sad) and Himmat Singh (Sunny Kaushal) are great fun. Where the majestic majesty in glory, there is the indigence in courage. Both of them look nice. Harman’s love story also makes the mood of the film lighten. During training, what has been explained in the scattered bricks to bring unity in the team is the best scene in the film.

The film then stops when players are selected for the London Olympics and the Emperor (Kunal Kapoor) begins to train the players. After this, the thrill of the semi-finals and final match takes the film to the heights and you forget the shortcomings of the film.
When the Indian players win the final by playing barefoot, when the tri-color goes up and the ‘Jana Gana Mana’ is heard after the victory, the chest gets thrown proudly.

Instead of writing, Rima Kagti’s work as a director is better. By making the film entertaining, he is trying to take care of the audience which does not understand hockey much or likes sports based films. It would have been better if a little emotion was put in the film, but I do not know why Rima has stopped her. Songs are shining and there is no place to sing Akshay’s song, which is going on in the party by drinking liquor. In the hockey playing field, the game seems slow, but it can be given a discount that they are an actor, not a player. Yes, these scenes are definitely successful in creating excitement.

The role of Akshay Kumar is a bit strange. He had nothing more to do, but he got the longest roll He has entertained Tapan’s character, but he does not show passion in Tapan’s dream and there is more to the writer’s flaws. Mouni Roy has not got much screen time, but she makes a presence. Kunal Kapoor, Vineet Singh, Amit Das and Sunny Kaushal make the film enriched by their acting. This film can be seen to honor the players who went to the country of whites after the independence, defeating the whites and won ‘gold’ and collected a small account of 200 years of slavery.

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Producer: Ritesh Sidhwani, Farhan Akhtar

Director: Rima Kagti

Music: Sachin-Jigar

Artists: Akshay Kumar, Mauni Roy, Kunal Kapoor, Amit Sadan, Vineet Singh, Sunny Kaushal, Nikita

Sensor Certification: U.A. * 2 hours 33 minutes 42 seconds

Rating: 3/5

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