FiiO Q5 is a top notch Hi Res MFi Certified Amplifier with no match

Fiio q5 price

Fiio Q5 yet another invention from the Fiio company spoiling us again with all of its dynamic features. We certainly know there are other alternatives such as the mojo and Oppo available in the market in a much lesser price. These handheld amplifiers have it all that this young generation wants. We are such driven by music that almost every second of our lives is filled with a certain type of harmony. To fulfil our ultimate desire for music, manufacturers have developed many products; amongst which is an amplifier.we are discussing and comparing retail price of Fiio Q5 as compared to the others in the market specifically Oppo and Mojo.

Body Specs

Fiio q5 price Body Specs

Weighing only 195g Fiio Q5 is one dynamic digital analogue convertor. It’s as basic as the one we have at our homes. But then what is the difference? Why are we paying a higher price for such basic things? We have all of these questions sorted out for you to be easy. For further details don’t forget to login to www.phoneretailers.co.uk


Getting down to the features of Q5 lets first talk about the build we mentioned earlier it’s about 195g which is much lighter than the others in the pocket so we can say we can easily carry it anywhere just like we carry our accessorizes with us. Its grey rusted aluminum body or say sandblasted is so smooth to touch and elegant in its looks that one even might not know what it actually is can fall for it easily. Not to mention there is a gold sticker right in front of the body that is so fancy it totally makes it look premium than the others.  There is this fancy light indicator on the front that pops up into colors according to the usage of the gadget. (Red, green, blue, yellow etc.) a total of six input lights. Let me explain it worth a simpler example it has Bluetooth right? So we connected the device with the Bluetooth in our phone, in order to show it that we don’t need to further wait it directly shows a blue light that Bluetooth has been connected, same as this a red light pops up when there is a probability of low battery and to indicate that we need to charge this gadget asap. While talking about the sides there is leather patch on the back to make it resistance proof. And guess what it comes along in a packet full of bands and silicon pads. Indeed! The company has worked on the overall body of the gadget just to make it look fancy and eye catchy or we could say a people’s product. Did we mention that there is a carry pouch too? Yes you read it right. I in the first place was shocked to see so many things inside the box and one of them was carry pouch. How safer could they make your gadget to last it long and to stay mint conditioned. The box also included digital optical adapters, T 5 Torx screwdrivers and screws for changing the Am modules, digital coaxial and lightning connection. What else does one need? Everything is just perfect, or just seems to be perfect. Let’s find out?


Fiio q5 price Quality

AMA3 amplifier section along with balanced 2.5mm and a single ended 3.5 mm output lies just beneath the gadget. Which can be replaced with any of the alternatives provided by the company. This was the bottom of the phone now what is on the top a 3.5mm optical/coaxial/analogue input with gain and bass controllers. For me it becomes quite easy to have such things nearby so we could easily adjust. On the sides there are the connectivity buttons the other controllers like on/off forward/backward. And also an indicator that surely show up and proves its presence while playing DSD files. We have two ports of Usb one for charging the 3800 mAh battery which can survive more than 20 hours on continuous use. Man! This is incredible, like the batteries of the other alternatives are likewise but the usage time is very low as compared to the alternatives available in the market. And best part it doesn’t heat up or will blow out of overcharging. It has the ability to handle up to 32 bit/384 kHz and DSD 256 because of the availability of AKM AK4490EN DACs. When entering the app we found out that it has seven drop out filters each of them have their own power supply they are as follows: Amplifier, line out, DAC, volume control, low pass filter and microprocessors

Retail Price

Now you know all of its features now it’s time to reveal its retail price of 329 pounds that is too much to ask for but it is worth all the features that have been mentioned earlier. While comparing it with Oppo that has a lower price of 289 pounds is much cheaper than Q5 but has less features than this so it the mojo at the price of 399 pounds or say 400 in total. It all depends on the retailers you go to. If you are able to find a retailer whether a shop or a e shop where you can compare and save your looking’s this would be good before checking out and making a purchase. Also look for a retailer that provides a product insurance or security in case of any damage .Nevertheless, Q5 stands alone in the giant family of amplifiers, when it comes to have something that is pocket friendly can operate wirelessly. It is worth paying more to avail such pilvrigies this gadget come along with. Just make sure that you buy it in a sealed pack and when open do check all the items that I mentioned earlier are present. One can also buy this from eBay or amazon which be at ease for one. Not to mention amazon prime just ended few weeks back and it was high time to buy this gadget in a lesser price and with no delivery charges.

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