Delicious Food Can Also Healthy For You

It is easier to focus solely on our physical body appearance and forget to focus on what is inside our bodies.

There are many people walking around with plaque in their arteries in the form of cardiovascular diseases, statistics show that one in every four adults has a cardiovascular disease and for men the risk is greater.

The good news however is that dietary factors greatly influence the risk of one developing cardiovascular diseases.

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The more healthy foods you take the more you reduce the risk of getting the disease , most of the blogs will tell you which foods to avoid however I will focus on some of the delicious foods to include in your diet like the ones found at Nobel Cafe ( given the major assumption that healthy foods are not delicious) ;Fatty Fish Fatty fish such as mackerel,herring,tuna steak, lake trout, salmon are full of omega -3 fatty acids which decrease blood pressure and triglyceride levels (fat in the blood).

Studies carried out in populations with low death rates from cardiovascular diseases showed that there was high fish consumption in these areas . Grilled salmon will definitely make your mouth water and is good for your heart ,further studies show that eating fish rich in omega 3 fatty acids once or twice in a week reduces the risk of coronary death by up to 36%.

Legumes This includes lentils, black beans, kidney beans and peas which can be added to soups, stews, salads for a delicious meal. Legumes are high in Vitamin B folate, fibre, potassium magnesium iron and protein and also low in fats that greatly contribute in the reduction of many chronic illnesses.Greens Experts advise that you should consume at least three cups of dark green leafy vegetables every week .

There are many ways to include them in your diet for a delicious meal i.e. in sandwiches, low fat cheese dips and salads. Leafy vegetables contain carotenoids this is the pigments found in fruits and vegetables that give them color and have been associated with decreased levels of plaque buildup and heart attacks.

Garlic has many health benefits including reducing cholesterol level and blood clotting in the body to get rid of the bottled powder and crush or chop it to get its most active ingredients.

Garlic can also be added to pizzas, stews,salads, and soups however it should not be microwaved as this will reduce the activity of its heart-healthy compounds.

Eggs are among the easiest food to cook and can be taken for breakfast ,lunch or supper . A hard-boiled egg has around 100 calories, you can also have a scrambled egg for dinner with spinach, tomato or mushroom if you are watching your cholesterol you can take a whole egg and two egg whites. Fat Free – Free or Low – Fat Dairy Products Studies on low fat dairy or fat free dairy products have shown that people who consume them have a lower risk of developing a heart disease .

Further studies show that a diet combination of low-fat dairy products, saturated fats, high intake of fruits and vegetables had a higher impact on reducing the risk of heart disease than a diet only rich in fruits and vegetables so go on and grab that low-fat dairy snack that could be a yoghurt, dairy-based protein shake or milk.

Tea This can either be black, white, green or oolongs that are loaded with polyphenols antioxidant. Consuming tea has for a long time been associated with a decrease in several chronic diseases including heart damage.

Studies have further shown that polyphenols antioxidants stop bad cholesterol in the body from oxidation and further prevent it from forming and clogging arteries.

The other advantage of tea is that it is naturally calorie-free and it comes in different varieties, so go on to your favorite café and grab your favorite type of tea.

Whole grain whole grain cereal is rich in several minerals such as iron, magnesium, folic acid and several vitamins that have been linked to lower blood cholesterol levels, management, and prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

You can definitely find whole wheat pasta, brown rice, barley, oat or multigrain bread at your favorite eatery. Berries or Frozen Fruit For a delicious treat berries and frozen fruits can be thrown into milk or yoghurt .

They can also be used in oatmeal or baked into muffins and quick breads. Berries contain much more antioxidants than many other fruits and are delicious.

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