Definition of a hacksaw

Among various hand tools used for various tasks, the requirement of a hacksaw is inevitable when it comes to cutting metal or wood. A hacksaw makes a metal-framed saw utilised mainly for cutting metal and plastic pipes and various other small materials in your household. The frame that happens to be U-shaped bow grips a thin, broad blade amid its clips or spigots and it has a wood or plastic handle on one end. Several models utilise adjustable frame to take in eight, ten or twelve-inch long blade as per need. It will depend on the cut needed, metal blades can possess fourteen, eighteen, twenty-four or thirty-two teeth on every inch, and very denser teeth are best for cutting small things.

You want to cut metal. You may utilise a powered sabre saw, a hand tool, or jigsaw known as a hacksaw. In case you happen to work with some thin sheet of metal or any common plumbing piping in your home, the hacksaw makes the best tool for this task. You will find a broad array of blades marketed by hacksaw exporters India to pick from and with the correct blade cutting will become very easy.

Blade Kinds

Hacksaw blades can be found with tooth count having an array of fourteen to thirty-two teeth per inch. Thin materials require finer teeth whereas thick metal needs fewer teeth in every inch.

The manner teeth happen to be placed on any blade is known set. You will come across three kinds of tooth sets as:


This set of the tooth is well suited to softer metals which have no iron in them. The teeth are in a queue brushing each other and are in alternating fashion to the right and left.


These are ideal for scoring thick metals. The teeth happen to be aligned within sets of three


It forms the perfect pick for thin, hard metals. The teeth are found in set in the pattern of the wave from the left towards right necessary for fine, smooth slicing.

Frame Types

Hacksaw is found either in adjustable or fixed form. A fixed type of frame takes in one blade length. Whereas the adjustable kind adjusts with ten to the twelve-inch blade, a few may take in blades having an array of eight to sixteen inches. You will come across a bit of difference in price that hacksaw equipment suppliers fix, but the flexibility of the adjustable frame will be worth the high cost of the tool.

A hacksaw bears a hole on its both ends that fits easily on posts provided on your frame, and you can set these posts within four positions as right, left, down and up. Plus, you can mount the blade on these posts having the tooth side on each direction, which offers you with eight blade positions from which you can pick suitable.

Whatever be the orientation of the blade, it is important you slash steadily, no need to give more than one stroke every second because metal cut by metal generates immense heat and it can damage the blade.

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