CT Scanning: What is it and how can it Help You?

Medical field is no longer limited to minimum procedures. There are so many procedures out there that help the doctors in diagnosing, treating and racking the health issues. Whether you have underwent a surgery or you have some doubts about a specific ailment in your body; there are scanners out there that scan it all for you and get your doctors an exact picture of it.

There are scanning facilities like Ct abdomen and pelvis scan Bangalore that scans your pelvic area and makes sure that there remains no doubts about anything. Of course, a doctor can examine you to some extent only. But a scanner enables them to evaluate your body thoroughly. They can see what is going on inside your body. The scanner takes myriad of pictures of your body, bones, tissues and everything.

How does CT scan works?

Both CT and conventional x-rays take pictures of the inside of body structures. In x-rays of conventional times, the structures overlay. As an example, the ribs could join the lung and heart. In an x-ray, structures of medical concern are most of the times unclear by other organs or just the bones, making diagnosis rather challenging. But that is not the scenario in the domain of Ct. in a CT image; covering structures get removed, making the internal formation more apparent. At the period of CT imaging, an x-ray tube go circle around the patient so that plenty of images get gathered from all the angles. These images are accumulated in a computer that evaluates them to form a fresh image with the covering structures eliminated.

CT images permit the radiologists and other health physicians to find out the inside structures and find out their size, shape, density and texture. This type of detailed information can be used to find out in case there is a medical issue as well as its level and particular location of the health problem, and other important details. The images can even showcase in case no irregularity is present. Similarly it is also good to know that a CT scan that shows no type of abnormality still cater useful data. The information assimilated aids the health care provider by concentrating attention away from needless medical concerns. Moreover the present time CT scanners accumulate this information in seconds and in some times in fractions of a second – relying on the examination.

A quick glance at advantages of CT scan

There are myriad advantages of CT and it encompasses more effective and efficient medical management by:

  • Searching out when operations are necessary
  • Enhancing the placement of patient into proper zones of care, such as intensive care units.
  • Enhancing the cancer diagnosis and treatment
  • Removing the length of hospitalizations
  • Averting the requirement for exploratory surgeries
  • Catering guidance in treatment of common situations like cardiac disease, injury and that of stroke

In the emergency room, the patient can be scanned in a quick way so doctors can swiftly assess their condition. Emergency surgery could be essential to stop any type of internal bleeding. CT images give an idea to the surgeons exactly where to work. In the absence of such crucial information, the success of surgery is extremely compromised. The risk of radiation exposure from that of CT is extremely small when you compare it to the advantage of a well-planned surgery.

CT scanning provides medical information that is different from that of other imaging examinations like that of MRI, ultrasound, SPECT, PET or even nuclear medicine. Every type of imaging technique has benefits and confines. The chief advantages of CT are:

  • Rapid gaining of images
  • A capacity of particular and clear information
  • An image of a great are or portion of the body

No other type of imaging procedure gathers these advantages into a single session.   Adding to this:

  • CT scanning is absolutely painless, non-invasive and right.
  • It has the ability to image soft tissue, bone and of course blood vessels all this at the same time.
  • CT assessments are swift and simple; in emergency instances they can disclose internal wounds and bleeding in a swift enough way to help save lives.
  • It is certainly a cost-effective imaging instrument for a large range of clinical issues.
  • X-rays that get used in CT scans generally have no side effects.
  • CT is less sensitive to the action of patient than MRI. This scan can be performed out in case you have even an implanted medical device of any type, unlike that of MRI. For your information, in MRI, in case you have any kind of metal in the body; you might not be in a position to experience the scanning.
  • It provides real-time imaging, making it a great tool for guiding slightly invasive procedures.
  • A diagnosis decides by CT scanning could remove the need for exploratory surgery and surgical biopsy.
  • No radiation remains in the body of a patient after a CT evaluation.
  • CT scanning provides the doctors with extremely detailed images of many types of tissue as well as that of the lungs, bones and even blood vessels.

The point is apparent. Once a patient goes through a ct scan, he or she can be sure that they have been examined in details. All the pictures taken are assessed by the radiologist and then the doctor tells you about the reports in the simple language.   Once they have the pictures of your inside body with them, they decide the next procedure in your medical condition. Whether you should go for the surgery or the things are under control; everything can be decided on the basis of the reports received after the CT scan. The best part is that the procedure is absolutely painless and hence nobody needs to be fearful about it.


So, even when you try to inquire about the cost of ct abdomen and pelvis scan Bangalore, you would be surprised to find that the cost is not so high for this effective evaluation.

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