Cancer Symptoms In Your Body – Early Warning Signs

If the initial symptoms of cancer are identified then it can be prevented from reaching the dangerous stage. After being identified in early stage, it is easy to treat and preventable deaths can also be prevented. The symptoms of cancer depend on what kind of cancer it is. If symptoms of cancer are recognized only after the time, it can be avoided. It is important for you to learn about cancer symptoms.

Unusual weight loss

People who have cancer have an abnormally low weight. If the weight of the body without any effort less than 10 pounds, it can be seen as the primary symptom of cancer. Weight of adults does not decrease easily but if you are becoming lean without any effort, of course It is a matter of paying attention. This can be a sign of cancer.


Fever is a common symptom of fever cancer. Due to cancer, the body’s immune system weakens, due to which the body is unable to protect itself from illnesses and is often complaining of fever. Symptoms of fever are often found in blood cancer, leukemia, etc.

Urinary incontinence

Changes in the bladder If there is pain when urine is extinguished or the presence of blood in urine, then it can be a sign of prostate cancer or ovarian cancer. The problem of urinary incontinence may also be a symptom of cancer. Fatigue is considered to be a major symptom of cancer. In this, the patient feels tired without tiredness. Sometimes he does not even deserve to work from his hands.

Headache complaint

Patients with brain tumor start complaining of headaches. Such headaches which are not cured by first aid or medicines can be considered as signs of brain tumor. Changes in the wearables can be a testicular cancer sign for the change of the testicles. If your textile size is increasing, do not ignore it. Not every pain is a sign of cancer, but if pain continues, it can also be cancerous. Pain in the abdomen can be ovarian cancer.

Skin blacking

Changes in Skin An abnormal change in the skin can be the earliest symptom of cancer. If a person’s skin is becoming dull or dark, it may be a sign of cancer. Yellowing of the skin can also be an early symptom of cancer. Not every mark that looks like same. Must show the doctor if any such mark emerges on the skin. This can be the beginning of skin cancer.

Constipation for a long time

Problems in the intestine There is not much of a problem in the intestines, but if there is a problem with frequent intestines then it may be the starting symptom of colon or colorectal cancer. The problem of diarrhea and dyspepsia shows this symptom. Due to this there may be a problem of pain in the stomach gas and stomach. If you are having difficulty digesting food and cancer problem then immediately contact the top cancer doctors in kolkata.

Trouble swallowing

This is an important sign of cancer in the throat. Instead of running a soft meal, meet the doctor instead. If you have sore throat and blood in the cough, then pay attention. Not necessarily this is cancer, but caution is necessary. Especially if the cuffs persist for a long time.


If you feel lump anytime anywhere, pay attention to it. However, every lump is not dangerous. The lump in the breast indicates breast cancer, it must be shown to the doctor. If a wound does not fill after three weeks then it is very important to show the doctor. Lumps in the beds are symptoms of breast cancer. Breast cancer is not only for women, men also fall under it.

Spots in the mouth

If there are white stains and spots in the mouth or tongue during chewing tobacco and tobacco, then this can be the symptoms of cancer. It is the symptoms of oral cancer. Changes in lymph nodes are also signs of cancer. If there is a lump in the lymph nodes or in the throat, it is a matter of concern. There is no white mark in any place inside the head, dribbling drip from the mouth and difficulty in opening the mouth, difficulty in speaking, etc. Symptoms occur.

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