Cancer and its treatment in India


Cancer is one of the worst affected disease in the whole country. And if we judge on the basis of the world aspect then we will get to know the same story is repeating. Cancer has caused one of the worst threat in a worldwide basis where the peoples loses their life in spite of doing everything that they can. The disease is very much untreatable as no diagnosis and therapy has given positive result for it. People try everything out to save themselves and also their friends and the family who are affected by the disease cancer. In this world this cancer is the third most fatal disease that has caused death for millions of peoples. In the present time scientists and the researcher found new techniques with which they are able to detect this cancer. However those techniques and the therapies are not at all able to cure the disease, only they are able to make some relief for some time for the patients, which is they are just increasing the tenure of living. And also it is very much worthy to say that these techniques are very much costly also therefore judging the overall economic condition of the people of put country very few people can really avail those kind of treatment to get some sort of cure from their misery.

Genetic Story behind Cancer

Cancer is so dangerous just because of the fact that they are very muchlinked with the cells and the genes of our body. It is primarily regarded as a disease which is genetic in every course. That is this disease is totally controlled by specific gene present in out body. Now everyone should know that each and every one of us contains this gene in out our DNA (De-oxy ribonucleic acid). But there is nothing to get afraid of. This genes when present in a very much dormant condition as they will be nonfunctional in this state in our body causing no effect to the body. They are pretty much in a sleeping condition. However if this gene gets activated by some sort of stimuli then it will cause a number of dangerous problems in our body. Those stimuli has another name also with which it can, more easily defines. They are also called as the mutagens. Now mutagens cause mutation. Mutation can be simply defined as the change in the genetic organization of the body. That change might be very, much small also. This small change can be very heavy to carry in some instances.

Mutation and the Mutagens

Mutations are very much common for us. This mutation can bring positive effect to the human body and also negative cases. Cancer is the case where the results are always negative and in some cases it will be very much fatal also. Common mutagens are Carbon mono-oxide from smoke, tobacco, alcohol etc.


The common mode of treatment is the chemotherapy which is followed as the first for every cancer treatment. Other treatment methods are also present like the radiotherapy and the targeted radio-therapy.

To live longer than expected

Best doctors for cancer treatment in India are following these techniques for proper diagnosis of the disease and also to help the patient to live longer than expected.

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