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Asian Hospital Faridabad is a 425-bed Super Specialty Hospital, it is famous for its medical services and medical technology. It is known for the well-known doctors of India. This hospital is recognized by the medical standard company like NABH and NABL. This hospital has a lot of infrastructures Designed by Advanced Technology Systems.

This hospitality is very close to New Delhi International Airport, New Delhi Railway Station and New Delhi Interstate Bus Terminus. Here you can easily come and get your treatment. This is in Sector 21 A of Faridabad.

This Hospital Economic Survey has been awarded for the first position in the Best Healthcare brand in Hospitality Services for two consecutive years. This award was given to this hospital in 2016 and 2017. It comes in Delhi NCR’s best 7 hospitals.

This hospital is also very famous for treating major diseases like cancer, in addition to a good doctor of cancer, a special technology machine by which the treatment of cancer-related illness is feasible. Many high-tech machines such as PET / CT, DUAL Head gamma cameras and other HDR break-therapies.

In this hospital, you can also get a Bone Marrow Transplant by which you can easily walk, here is a team of good doctors! If you have any heart-related illness then you can get here from here. All diseases of the heart are treated differently, including bypass, open heart, and valvular heart surgery. Here you can also do angiography and angioplasty.

Any illness related to the brain is treated by neurosurgeon it is a good team of neurologist doctors. This hospital is equipped with latest and high-end machines such as EEG, EMG etc. In this, you will also get treatment for kidney diseases like kidney stones, prostate, laparoscopic urology, and euro-oncology. These are also treated well.

Here you can also get kidney dialysis, there is also a dialysis machine for hemodialysis, SLED, CRRT, peritoneal dialysis and hepatitis and HIV + patients, which can successfully make Renal Transplant

There is also a unit for gastroenterology, here is also the treatment of gastrointestinal problems with the team of most experienced doctors for intestinal problems. Here gaseous stress, indigestion, jaundice, constipation, blood secretions. Any disease that is caused by mouth and rectum is also treated in a proportionate manner

A good doctor for mothers and children is an integrated unit providing excellent care for postnatal care. The AIMS also has state-of-the-art LDR suites that enable moms to give birth in comfortable and friendly surroundings.

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