Are you taking care of these resume factors?

Having a great resume is crucial if you want to land your dream job as it is the first thing the company will notice about you. For the organization to take interest in you, make sure that the CV is clear, readable, interesting, unique and most importantly informative.

Creating a resume has become challenging as sometimes a company uses software to pick the best resume, and while making them, you need to keep this in mind too. It is hard but not impossible, that is why we talked with many HR, experts, and recruiters about what they are looking for in a resume and how they shortlist a few from amongst a huge bundle.

What we learned enlightened us and that is why I summarized that knowledge for you so that the next time you have a job interview, your resume is top-notch.

Here are 7 factors that you should take care in your resume:

1. Resumes should be according to the recruiter

Don’t think that your job is done once you make the resume. This is far from the truth. You need to keep modifying it according to the company you are sending it too. Think about it, every organization is unique and has different expectations of its employee. To nail that first round of interview, you need to impress the recruiters by telling the qualities you possess which they require.

So, read the vacancy post clearly, and alter the starting of your resume to suit the recruiter. Like if you are sending resume for RJ position, you will talk about your communication skills and not about your writing.

2. Make it unique and professional

Our CV should look professional, but having an effective resume doesn’t mean that it should be boring too. Don’t just have chronological information about your education and previous work. Include some photos, Infographics or vectors that will seize the attention of the recruiters. You can use the Canva tool for this, also use these graphics only where they fit, don’t make it weird just for the sake of doing something different.

3. Stop using personal pronouns

While writing resume make sure you avoid using personal pronouns as they indicate that you are more about talking and less about doing that stuff. The survey indicates that people who use words like I, me and mine in their resume, see a 55% dip in their response rates. Whoa! That’s a significant loss, so instead of personal pronouns use phrases that emphasize how quick you are about taking action.

4. Short resumes works best

Most of the job seekers think that having a long resume will impress the recruiter, but this is far from the truth. The HR people actually find short and to-the-point resume is better as they let them get familiar with your qualifications and skills easily and quickly. So, remember that a CV of one page or 2 maximum is best, and having a 3-4 page resumes doesn’t make you look more responsible or skillful.

5. Keep in mind the words you need to avoid or include

Words and phrases to include are technical terms and jargons about the industry you are applying for as they let the recruiter know that you understand the particular industry.
Secondly, use leadership oriented words/phrases as they up the response rate by 51% because they show the hiring committee that you are more about doing stuff instead of just talking about them.

Words that should not be included are ‘team player’ as resume is about knowing you and how will you benefit the organization.

6. Skill section is crucial

Dedicate a good space of the resume to your skill section and make it the main attraction point of your CV. Here’s how you can do it:

Use 15-20 keywords that are specific to the industry and position you aiming to land a job in.
Use pie charts and bars to show your skills so that it grabs the attention of the recruiter. Don’t list knowing computer as a skill until it is mentioned in the post as it doesn’t impress anyone.
Also, don’t include that you know any language after taking only two semesters in it.

7. Accomplishments over responsibility

When it comes to writing about your previous jobs, don’t just write about the responsibilities you had there. Talk about your accomplishments and achievements too as those are the things that actually tell the HR how efficient you are.

These were some basic but crucial tips that will help you nail that first round of impression and get you shortlisted for the interview. Just be honest in your resume and re-read it multiple times to avoid any error. If you do this, then be assured as the response percentage towards the CV will definitely see a boost.

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