Advantages of buying from trading companies rather than manufacturers in China

Most of the buyers want to find and deal with the factory and manufacturer when it comes to importing the products from China. They always say that “I need to find a manufacturer or factory to buy or import the product” because according to them, the manufacturer offers the cheapest rates and prices, but it’s not always the case.

To be honest, many times trading companies offer much cheaper rates than the factory or manufacturer. Also, you can get so man,y more advantages as well. While dealing with the manufacturer, you may face many issues like dealing with delivery and quality problems.

As the growth or trade and exports are rising in China, the trading companies are also getting popular. That is why you may find many trading companies than the manufacturer, including big brands like IKEA and Wal-Mart, are also supplied by different trading companies. Therefore trading companies are not only the best choice for the dealing with international clients but also the best choice when it comes to building a business relationship.

Here are four major advantages of buying from a trading company instead of manufacturers in China:

1. Trading companies are better and easier in communication:

Since the main target of the trading company is to reach and connect with potential customers and clients all over the world, they hire professional sales staff with higher and better spoken and writing English that is why the level of communication and understanding of a trading company is much higher. They also value your question and response in time. Also, when any of your order have any issues including production, inspection, shipping or any other, the trading company and its sales staff will always notify you before time.

On the other hand, the manufacturers of small or medium scale don’t have more staff for sales and communication as their main emphasis is on the production. Therefore they don’t have fully trained sales staff for communication, even if they have, they are not English experts and may respond slowly. Since Chinese rely on calls and phones for daily communication, your manufacturer may take weeks or days to respond to your email.

The sales staff in China also prefer to work in trading companies to get more exposure, salary and experience that is why if you are looking for a professional communication channel, trading company is your best bet.

2. Trading companies offer a variety of product choices:

As the trading company gets the different products from many companies and manufacturers that is why they offer you more choices in designs and types. Therefore if you ask a manufacturer for a particular product, they might have a single item to offer on the other hand a trading company can collect many samples, different qualities, price range, designs and types of product on your request.

Since most of the manufacturers are producing and focusing on one product, they cannot generate a variety of choices for you to choose from. Therefore it is better to buy from the trading company as you can compare, select and analyze many products under a single roof.

3. Trading companies offer smaller Minimum Order Quantity:

When you are ordering in bulk, you always wish to find the manufacturer which offers you the best rate and also produce the quantity you are looking for. Since the manufacturer has large and fixed MOQ, it is not suitable for small businesses, investors and buyers. That is why if you want to get small MOQ, the trading company is your best bet.

Trading companies serve both the large and small businesses and even in the small orders, the quality is strictly controlled. On the other hand, the MOQ of manufacturing factories are much higher and they prefer those customers who place large orders which fills at least one container with just a single product. That is why when it comes to dealing with the small orders, they prefer it to take it from the trading company so that they don’t have to go into detail conversation, communication and convincing. They just collect the orders from trading companies and manufacture the product according to their capacity and deliver it to them for further delivery.  That is why when you get ignored by the manufacturer, you eventually go to the trading company.

4. Trading companies are much safer:

If you want to deal with the manufacturer, you might have many issues with them especially when it comes to the reliability of the producer. But on the other hand trading companies are safer to deal with as they choose their suppliers carefully. They only select those factories which provide good quality products, gives the best rates and delivers the order on time. That is why trading companies have full faith in the manufacturer and most of them are working in a long-term department. You can also consider trading companies a sales department of small and medium scale producer.

If you find any issue with the product or its quality, the trading company will help you our and will be available for you. They even ensure you get a refund according to the policy from the factory. Since the factory has to keep trading companies happy as they bring business to them, they satisfy their request.

Unless you buy a large quantity from manufacturers, they will not help you out like the trading company.

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