A Quick Guide to Top-Level Domains (TLDs) for start-ups

As a start-up, you might be thinking of starting a new website. But setting a domain name for your site can be challenging. You will have to find a domain name, which is a word or phrase that is clear, concise, and memorable. Then you also need to choose the right TLD that you may want to use.


Choosing the right TLD

You would have come across ‘.com,’ ‘.net,’ and ‘.org.’ etc. hundreds of times but in the past few years, a lot of new top-level domains have gained in popularity.

While the SLD is primarily concerned about your company and the brand-name, the TLD has more to do with the purpose and the nature of the site.

For instance, co Domain for the startups is getting popular as it signals that it is a company.  Most popular TLD to date is ‘.com.’ Which stands for a commercial company. It is followed by ‘.org’ which stands for the organization. Then if you are an educational company, you should use ‘.edu.’ domain extension.


Why Should You Use One?

When the new TLDs came into existence, there was a doubt whether they would affect the SEO. But leading search engine giant, Google, has made it clear that it will treat these domains same. It means using new TLD will neither improve nor spoil your SEO efforts.

Low price is another primary concern when you are choosing a new TLD. They are far less expensive than legacy domain extensions, and that’s why they have become a lot popular.


Key Factors That Affect the Choice

Many factors come in to play when you decide to consider a domain extension for your website. Trust is the first factor, and you will surely not want to use any TLD with you want the target audience to be assured of the authenticity and may avoid any random TLD.

If co Domain for the startups is favorite; it is because of these reasons. In a study, it was found that the people are more likely to prefer a TLD which they know.

The industry and the target audience also play a crucial role in in the selection of TLD. As the internet visitors are more exposed to traditional TLDs, so they are skeptical about the latest ones. Here are the key factors that have to be kept in mind before making a decision:

First, you should pay attention to the purpose and goal, and the type of site you are running is the most critical consideration. Business involving trust will stay away from new TLDs while the new age businesses may fiddle with the idea of new TLDs.

Second, you need to keep in mind the target audience and brand-ability.  Then you should pay attention to the price factor as well. Co domain for startups makes more sense.



You should take your time to find out the right TLD for your business as it may be changed at least for a year.

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