7 Unique Romantic Bedroom Decorating Ideas on Valentine’s Day

14th February, a day to reconnect to fall in love again. The day is pure romantic and solely inspired for the couples to exchange best gift for Valentine’s Day. What is your plan for this year valentine! Still confused? Don’t be, here we suggested some tips for how to spend valentine day in home romantic. Home is the comfort zone where you can spend the intimate moments with partner. We choose subtopics to delight the bedroom in valentine mood. It will certain help you in recreating the moments of honeymoon night.

1] Lighting with CandlesLighting with Candles

Lighting candles inside the room is the best alternate for warming up the room. Instead normal use scented candles to spread the romantic fragrance around. You can use floated candles placed in the decorative tub. You can also use some essential oil drops to burn inside the candle for scenting the room. Candle stand is a necessary thing but if you do not have it, get the cake stand to illuminate many candles at one time. Safety is the first priority so see to it candles are not near to any fabric, wooden or plastic materials.

2] Decorate with Red Rose FlowersDecorate with Red Rose Flowers

On valentine day you will see streets are overload with red roses. Red rose is a symbol of love, passion, admiration and thoughtfulness. So buy amount of rose petals or red roses to adorn the bed. It’s a winter time so avoid spreading it on bed. Instead use red rose’s heart shape wreath to decorate the top side of bed. So you can take it away when needed. Decorate the bed side tables with red rose’s bouquet. It will evoke the special sentiments much needed to spend the romantic night with partner.

3] Romantic Wall DécorRomantic Wall Décor

Wall décor in valentine scheme is a great idea to add new drama in your room. Use heart shape wall stickers and coloring butterflies to give a new look to boring walls. You can use some helium filled balloons and other decoration to make it extravagantly romantic.

4] Decorate with String LightsDecorate with String LightsDecoration

Romantic lightings in the room can evoke the mood for romance. Decorate the windows and curtain with string lights. Try to make heart shape of cardboard and decorate it with string lights. Red lights are very romantic but you can adjust the lighting shades as per the room’s structure.

5] Decorate with the Hearts

Give your room hearty look by switching the normal things into heart shapes. Replace the normal rugs into heart shape. Make heart garland and decorate it on the window side. Get the bed sheet covered with little hearts. Red pillows displaying a love message is a good option for uplifting the mood form romance.

6] Decorate the MantelDecorate the Mantel

If you have set a fireplace inside the room you can use the heart shape mantel to give it a romantic look. Use heart cut out garlands, heart strings, heart cut outs to adorn the fireplace. If you don’t want to set up fireplace, warm up the room with delighting the candles inside.

7] Balloons DecorationBalloons Decoration

Fill the room with heart shaped balloons and welcome your partner with touching balloons on the feet. Or else hang it down the ceilings with memorable photos tied at the end thread. Or else put a weight on the end thread and let the heart shaped helium balloon float on the bed. You can use largest size of Mylar balloons to utter a sweet tale of your love.Red roses or carnations, tulips to lilies, we welcome all your suggestions for mix and match to send flowers for Valentine’s Day.

This needs when you are in relationship. Use above tricks that keeps you going in relationship. Sometimes you can’t afford gifts which are costly enough. Above ideas will help you in showing your love for partner. The ideas are simple and cost friendly, so you can afford to decorate the bed room in valentine spirit. This way you can use the day in making love and spending good time with your partner.

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